How much notice is required to make a reservation?

Templecabs suggests that you book a reservation 24 hours in advance to ensure a car will be available. However, we can often provide unscheduled pickups. You may call us 91 8333-8444-99 or check online www.Templecabs.com for same-day availability.

Will I get a call when my car arrives?

As a courtesy to our customers we do attempt to contact all our customers when their drivers are on location 10 minutes before the pick up.

Can the driver come into my building or a hotel to pick up my luggage and bring it out to the car?

Unfortunately, drivers are unable to leave their vehicles unattended. Our drivers will be pleased to assist with your luggage from the front of your building to the vehicle.

How much notice is required to cancel a reservation?

Templecabs requests that our customers cancel their reservations at least 4 hours in advance. Cancellations made after the requested time-frames are subject to cancellation fees.

May I make a last minute change to my reservation?

Templecabs attempts, to the best of its ability, to accommodate last minute changes. If you would like to make a change to your reservation, please notify us of your change at least 2 hours in advance .

If I have already booked a reservation from the airport, what should I do once I land?

After you retrieve your luggage, please call us with your confirmation number so that we can direct you to your car. Your driver will pick you up within minutes at a designated curbside meeting point located right outside your baggage claim.

For airport pickups, must I reserve a car in advance or can I call for a car once I land? How long will it take to pick me up?

Templecabs can generally provide unscheduled airport pickups. Please call us once you have landed to check our availability. If you would like to ensure availability, we recommend that you book a car in advance. It takes approximately 15-30 minutes for the driver to pull up to your terminal.


What are the passenger and luggage capacities of the various vehicles?

Sedans and Luxury Sedans can accommodate up to four passengers with 3 standard size luggage. SUV 6-8 passengers with 6 medium luggage. 12 Passenger van 12 passengers with luggages.

How old must my child be to travel alone?

Children must be at least 16 years of age to travel alone.


Can I get a receipt when I pay in cash?

Yes. Your driver will provide you with a cash receipt in the vehicle at the end of your trip. If you forgot to get a receipt in the vehicle, you can request a receipt through Templecabs Website.

Who is responsible for any toll charges incurred during my trip?

Passengers are responsible for any toll charges incurred throughout the trip. Upon arrival at your destination, your driver will inform you of the additional toll charge. The fare quoted by a customer agent or on our website does not include the toll amount.

Is tipping mandatory? Is there a set percentage I must tip?

its upto the cutomer .

May I pay with a personal or business check?

At present we do not accept checks. We accept cash.

Does Templecabs charge for waiting time? If so, how is waiting time charged?

Yes. Waiting time charges may be incurred if a passenger arrives late to a pick-up. Waiting time is based on the hourly rate for a particular vehicle and is charged at 15 minute increments. Time spent waiting at additional stops will also be charged as waiting time. Waiting time charges may apply after the complimentary waiting time expires on a round-trip.

Does the fare include tolls and tip?

No. The fare does not include tolls, tip, waiting time or additional stops.

How much are tolls?

Tolls depend on the route taken to get to your destination.


If I left a personal item in a Templecabs car, how can I get it back?

If you think you have left an item in one of our vehicles, you may report the lost item by contacting our customer service department via Templecabs Website. An agent will get back to you with regard to the status of your property.

If your item has been found, you may retrieve it at an address will be give to your by our office agents.